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EnterpriseWeb Resource Planning 2.0 Solutions

ERP 2.0 solutions help enterprises to communicate, share resources, collaborate and co-ordinate their efforts as a member of the extended business organization network. These solutions functionality cover a wide range of customers, suppliers, employees and business partners. It specifically incorporate buy-side and sell-side of e-business, CRM, supply chain planning and business intelligence.

Our ERP 2.0 Suites consist of the following:

+ WebERP Suite – This suite will includes of Finance, Human Capital, Sales Order Portal, Production Management, ISO Tracebility, Quality Control and Asset Management modules.
+ WebCRM Suite – This suite will includes of Pre-Sales, Sales, Helpdesk, Service Level Management, Event Management and Monitoring modules.
+ WebSCM Suite – This suite will includes of Planning, Execution and Monitoring modules.
+ MobileERP Suite – With the advancement of technology in mobile device, we bring the EnterpriseWeb Resource Planning experience to the mobile user.
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